From Marilyn D: This woman came in for an eye exam. She mentioned that she had attended a Bible study and that the Bible and the Koran were the same. The characters talked about were the same people, only their names were different in Arabic and English. We agreed on that and went on to discuss the important difference between teachings about heaven and how one gets there. She seemed quite open and hopefully will continue to explore the Bible and the path to salvation.


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Nicaragua Update

God is good! No other words could express what took place this week. God worked in miraculous ways through us. The last day was nothing like we have never seen on a Mission Trip. Here is a snippet of what has happened this week:

  • 1 Church Partner in Nicaragua;
  • 17 Students Called to be on Mission;
  • 12 Local Church Members Called on Mission;
  • 126 people want to talk more about the Gospel;
  • 64 new believers;
  • 3 new church plants;
  • 3 communities where there was no Gospel presence now has the Gospel and a church to encourage and continue the mission.

Here are some pictures from Wednesday:

Thursday, we will enjoy a cultural day and Friday we will travel back to the US. Please pray that the seeds we planted will take root and that the message will continue to spread after we depart so that God will be glorified. Pray that the students will carry this experience with them and become bolder in their profession of faith when they return home. Pray for safe travel for the team.


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Progress of Volunteer Christian Builders

Our project is going strong. Here are some more pictures of the job in progress. Please continue to pray for the safety of the crew as well as for those who will use this property.

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Mission Arlington Offering Hope

Tuesday: We had a great day today. Dr. Wood examined the eyes of 13 people. We were able to correct a man’s vision who had been told in the past that it was impossible to get his eyes to work together. We prayed with and encouraged many people. We are encountering many Christians that are down on their luck and need encouragement. Thank you for your prayers.

The organization provides Bible study groups and church meetings in different locations close by. Many of the people receiving services at Mission Arlington are followers of Christ. We had the opportunity to pray with them and encourage one another.

Here are some pictures from the work at Mission Arlington.

Andrew, part of the Challengers group is guiding Felipe during his vision acuity test.img_6362.jpg

Dr. Wood is helping George, a man who lives in a shelter close by.


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Nicaragua Update

We had an incredible day today in a new community. This has been a difficult place for the local church to get into. When we entered the community this morning we were told that the local Catholic Church has told their community not to accept us into their homes. God was good and we were not turned away from anyone’s home. Today we saw countless salvations in this community and a home that is willing to open up where the church will meet. The students were bold in sharing their faith and allowing God’s word to bring transformation in a person’s life. We have so many stories of divine appointments and people desiring to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for us as we have the opportunity to return to this community tomorrow and share the Gospel in two of the local schools. We are praying for a door to open.

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Volunteer Christian Builders Making Progress

Tuesday evening update:
By now we have finished most of the demolition and have begun replacing decayed wallboard and framing. We have begun building the framework for the metal roofing. Tomorrow some guys will start on plumbing and electrical and others replacing exterior siding. A group of 13 folks from FBC Gunter, Texas (we had done several 2-day work projects on their Youth building in 2014) joined with us and have done a tremendous amount of similar work on the second mobile unit. New windows and doors will follow.

Priority is to get both units” dried-in” by week’s end so other crews and camp staff can finish them.

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Stories from Africa

As you know, technology in parts of Africa is spotty at best. Now that the team is back in the US, here are  some stories from some of our team members and a final recap from the team lead at International Commission:


Robert D: My favorite story from the trip happened on Tuesday. As we were going through the village, two young men in their early twenties stopped me and asked if I was the one sharing God. I told them I was and asked if I could share with them. They said yes, of course. As I was sharing the Evangecube, I could see the excitement on their faces. I could feel the Holy Spirit was with us. When I finished and asked if they wanted to accept Jesus, they both said yes. And as they were praying, both young men lifted their arms towards heaven. It was absolutely amazing, and I will never forget it.

Larry K: Feb. 28, 2018, I was able to present to a Catholic Elementary school grades 1-6 with the local pastor. Total attendance was 1090. This was their first ever encounter with a Caucasian person and Gospel Presentation, Evangicube with prayer. The local pastor was on the public school board and we presented at that school earlier with 120 present.

Don M: Pictures and captions:

Africa 2018  - church the Great Commission

Taken in a church the first Sunday of the trip. I looked down and saw two pieces of straw on the floor and saw as a reminder of the author of the harvest.

Africa 2018 Divine appointments 3 new decisions for Christ

Witnessing to three young men on the road who accepted Christ.

Africa 2018 Trained up and sharing the gospel in Nambale

Taken in a field. The translator Eric is using the Evagecube to share the gospel. The two individuals made decisions for Christ.

Africa 2018 Nambale new believer carpenters

Three carpenters building a house were presented the good news and accepted Christ.

Africa 2018 Amairo church reading Luke 15 prodigal son parable

Taken in a church, reading the parable of the prodigal son by the light of a window.

John L: I preached at school with 407 students. Don’t know how many actually received the message, but sure many did.


One story that sticks out to me is I was with a pastor who was preaching at his church. The conditions of the church were primitive…dirt floors, no plumbing, no power and a leaking roof. The message to his congregation was to get out of their comfort zone and go spread the word. Not much different message than what we hear in Allen. I guess people are the same no matter where they live!

Another one that struck me: I was walking with my translator as we were ending our day and heading back to our hotel. We noticed a rainstorm was quickly approaching. He didn’t want me to get wet, so we ducked into an elderly lady’s home. She started to cry tears of joy. She told us that before Christmas, she had a dream that a white man (which she had never seen a white man before in her life) would come to her house and tell her a story that would change her life. I shared the gospel with her and she accepted Christ.


This is a group of people who stopped a meeting they were having so I could share with them. Each one accepted Christ!


When you count the total who went out during our stay it was 104 of us (including 43 pastors and 2 national students from other areas of Africa) sharing the gospel. Five members of our team counted a total of 760 souls saved through Thursday night. Will have more numbers as the week continues. So many are hungry to hear the word and to have lives changed for eternity! I’m blessed to be used by God to do His work.

Recap from International Commission:

Final Number of Participants going to Kenya – 19 (11 TX; 1 MO; 3 OK; 1 TN; 2 CA)

21-23 Feb – travel dates from home airports to DFW where we all converged. We flew to Heathrow, London then to Nairobi and took a night lay-over then flew to Kisumu and took a 2.5-hour bus ride to our final destination in Busia, Kenya.

Opening Rally on Saturday morning with a church full people. There were 45 churches; 72 national participants and 18 American participants. Pastor Chad gave the encouraging sermon based on the Great Commission verse.

From Sunday through Friday the team participated in fieldwork from 8 a.m – 6 p.m.  There was a daily house to house visit; school visits and church services. Faithfully sharing the GOOD NEWS.

The team gathered during every morning meal for a devotional led by volunteers. We ate lunch in the field with our local church then came back home to the hotel for supper and to share testimonies.

Victory Rally was on the Saturday, March 3 with overflowing of attendance. Great worship and testimonies. Chuck M. delivered the powerful message of challenge to the churches to do the follow-up. The Bibles were distributed to the churches.  Then the Record of Decisions was announced: There were 18,950 men, women and students who indicated they prayed to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts and make Him Lord of their lives. May the Lord be glorified in this result. We had lunch fellowship and proceeded back to the hotel.

Sunday, the 4th – we traveled back home. God is so good.

This project is so amazing that devil is so unhappy with what God allowed each one of us to do.  There were a lot of incidents that happened which would discourage us and makes us grow weary. Some got sick, one accident (thankfully not so major), some flights were messed up and more little glitches of incidents in between. Every incident, God allowed it to happen for our own good [Romans 8:28] (which means, out from them, the team GREW more deeper in their relationship with the Lord by being dependent on Him more rather than ourselves).  Through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the prayer warriors back home; God’s project and harvest in Kenya was successful! It is indeed a victory in Jesus! I am so proud of the Kenya Team.

There are many good stories and testimonies and here’s one:

       “Tuesday we walked into a yard where several older people were gathered, they were happy to see us and invited us to sit with them. I soon realized this was a drinking establishment as more people came and sat down. I shared my testimony; explained that the Holy Spirit would work in their lives and show them another way to make a living and the ability to stop drinking. The women who were making the alcohol prayed to receive Christ as did some of their customers.

       Saturday morning – one of the women came to me to tell me that since she came to Christ, she believed that the Holy Spirit would provide new work for her and she gave up brewing alcohol and even got rid of the cooking pans. She then told me that a man had died on her property recently and she was in trouble with the police. The police came to arrest her 2 days ago for brewing and serving illegal alcohol, but when they found she had given it up and found Christ, they left her alone. She wanted me to know that because I had come to her house and encouraged her and led her to Christ – that she is a free woman today. 

       She asked for more prayer and encouragement and she left glowing in Christ.” 

We appreciate every participant from FBC Allen who responded to the Kingdom’s call.  We continue to pray for Pastor Chad’s full recovery. Thank you so much church family!  We encourage you to check out the future projects for this year and pray where God will lead you next.


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Mission Arlington

Dr. Jeff Wood is leading an Eye Mission trip to Mission Arlington March 12-14. Marilyn D, Linda J, Carol K, Andrew K, Nathaniel K, Carolina  K, Rick N, Lucy W, Andrea W, and Ellen W accompanied Dr. Wood in this mission.

On Monday, Dr. Wood saw 13 patients. Out of the donated glasses, we were able to fill many prescriptions that, statistically speaking, we should not have had the glasses. God is very good at providing the glasses needed for the patients we examined.

We prayed for many people who are hurting in many ways. We shared the Gospel with 3 people who were not interested at the time. We trained one person in how to share the Gospel.

Please pray for hearts to be open to the gospel and that the seeds we are planting today to sprout soon.

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Volunteer Christian Builders

The FBC Allen crew of Volunteer Christian Builders are participating in a Spring Break Project at Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center in Spicewood, TX.

After a time of morning devotions, we began assisting in the rehab/remodel of two mobile housing units for staff residences.

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Nicaragua Team Starting Strong

7 pm Saturday, March 10: We landed in Nicaragua and went through customs. We are headed to San Marcos where we will be staying for the week. Praying for a great week ahead of us!

Sunday, March 11: Today we are in a church in La Concepcion, the home church we will be working out of for the week. This afternoon we will begin sharing the Gospel in one of the 9 communities around the city. Pray for the students as they begin the mission. This morning Abigail C shared the Gospel to the church. Everyone is healthy and doing incredible in living out the mission.

Abigail sharing gospel

Monday: Starting Day 2 of being out in the field with worship together. Everyone is healthy and doing an incredible job sharing their faith. Because of their heart to spread the Good News of Christ, we have seen two new Church plants and excited to be in a city for the next two days sharing the Gospel. Continue to pray for strength for the team and a heart of passion to share the Gospel. It is hot here and the team is doing great in these conditions.

More recap: Sunday Morning we had the honor and privilege to worship alongside a Nicaragua church family. This will be the church that we will partner with in going through 3 separate areas to begin a new plant church. The last two days we have seen 14 salvations. We are walking alongside the church members teaching them to share the gospel and seeing connections made. The students have been incredible and have such a heart for sharing. Michael P and Kathryn W shared their testimonies. Abigail C shared the Gospel with the church. Matt H, Will B, and Zach G helped with the beginnings of a structure where the new church will meet. This will allow them to meet without the volcanic ash falling on them. We have had a great time and look forward to the week. Below are two stories from Kendra and Sydney.

So we arrive at Nicaragua on Saturday night. And on Sunday we went to this awesome church and all the people in it were the most loving people you could ever meet. We played with the kids and listen to them as they broke off into little groups by their age. After that, we went out and told the Gospel and oh my! I was so so nervous but God was there with me and gave me words to say and it was the most amazing thing in the word. This lady ended up getting saved and it filled my heart completely. On Monday God just amazes me even more! I’m so blessed and grateful for the opportunity I get to teach each and every one of these people about the word of Jesus!!!!  -Kendra

On Sunday we went out into the villages. We drove through the city and we got to see all the different stores and restaurants but as we got closer to the villages, the buildings became more spread out and the roads turned to dirt. I really felt like I was experiencing a new world. The people were so kind. Everyone invited us into their homes and listened intently to what we had to share. It’s so great being out in Nicaragua and I can’t wait to see what doors God will open tomorrow.  -Sydney

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