South Asia Team Arrives

Our team of two arrived safely and joined others in the mission.

We are doing well. There is a great hunger for the Gospel here.

Wade ended today at a small home church, where they brought many friends and all accepted.  Then one young woman wanted to take us to her house, and as we stood in front of the home and drew a crowd of about 40 at least, most of them prayed.  Tremendous stories and a great witness of the Holy Spirit working ahead of us.

Was at a very small rural farming community and a dynamic young woman who hosted a home church invited 10 of her friends – all of whom accepted. Wade taught her how to use the cube and left it with her; excited to see what God will be doing through her in the years to come.


woman with Evangecube

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India Team Reports

Our team left on November 9 and will return on the 17th.

November 12:

We trained 47 people today out in tribal country next to the jungle. Two guys committed to go to the next village and share the gospel with a tribe that has no believers. Pray for our team, for these two men willing to go into the Harvest and for the people in the village that they will have their heart open to the message.

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Guatemala Team

November 11:

We joined the church in Guatemala this morning. The church gave us a great welcome as we entered into worship. The color green represents “hope” for this community. Two languages, one church, one God!

We also toured the Compassion office, which is housed in the church. It is amazing to see where they keep track of all the children who are a part of Compassion. They have a great team of volunteers and staff and the integrity and care they provide for the children are incredible.

In the afternoon, we went on home visits. We spent time praying with families. Their greatest needs are clean water and jobs. We also spent time with children while their parents received water filtration systems and were ministered by Compassion. The church here gave 50 filtration systems that were provided by FBC Allen.

November 10:

We had the opportunity to have dinner with several Guatemalan staff members who work with Compassion. We were also able to meet a young lady who is an alumnus of the Compassion program. She now teaches and ministers to children in her community. We also met a teenage boy who is still in the program. It was awesome to hear God’s great work in their lives and how Compassion had ministered to them. We really enjoyed hearing how the monthly gifts sponsors give make a difference in the children and the churches and communities.


group at Compassion

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Cambodia Team Update

God hears your prayers! Please continue to lift up the people in Cambodia and the team as they wrap up their time there.

Saturday, October 27:

A Vietnamese pastor ministering in Cambodia to the Mekong River people heard Vince was here. The Mekong River people are Vietnamese people who escaped during the Vietnam war, but Cambodia doesn’t want them so they live on the river; nowhere to go. The pastor met Michelle in August when she came to share the Gospel with the water village. He asked Vince to come & train his church leaders on the river. We had already planned to go as a cultural and sight-seeing visit. Our whole group got to sing songs with Pastor David’s church and we prayed together. Vince, Michelle, Wade, four others, and I stayed back to train his church. We trained them on the Gospel pictures & the Evangecube. They practiced both tools in groups. Then we immediately went out by canoe to houseboats. We got to share the Gospel with three homes (14 people) and one accepted Christ. One person from Pastor David’s church also became a believer. It felt like a harvest training at FBC Allen. God knew Vince & Michelle needed to be on this trip. Pastor David lives in Siem Reap and pastors a church there. Then, he goes by boat to pastor at the water village church. There are 20,000 houseboats. The average home has seven people. He has a big mission field, 140,000 people. We were able to leave five sets of Gospel pictures, four Evangecubes, & some of our testimonies with his church. His prayer requests are…

  1. Freedom from persecution from fellow Vietnamese for sharing the Gospel. Most are Buddhists.
  2. Discipleship for the four church leaders that went out with us.
  3. Two of the church leaders have several daughters and typically, sons help fish. Since they don’t have sons, it’s hard for them to evangelize, because they also need to earn a living.

Please remember Pastor David and the Mekong River people in your prayers.

Friday, October 26:

We had approximately 130 get baptized & 15,000 gospel track bookmarks given out.

5,126 indicated that they received Jesus

7,213 people heard the Gospel

It was an incredible week!

Eng, the one who was demon possessed and we prayed for got baptized today. Yesterday, I got to share the Gospel with one of our Pastor’s parents. I talked about how God had a plan for His Son. Just like He had a plan for your son to be a Pastor. They said they wanted to follow Jesus. I asked the Pastor to lead his parents in the sinner’s prayer. I’m sure it was a moment he has been praying for, for years.

Wade & his team got to go in a school and 152 children made professions of faith. If children can’t afford school uniforms they can’t attend school. Wade said children gathered around outside the gated fence to hear the message. He was able to get them all bookmarks. On the last day, they visited the school, held 3 house church services, & met with 100 people during house visitations. Wade got to baptize today.

Michelle & her team met a young Mom that was lame from the waist down. When she heard Americans were coming. She crawled to them to hear the Gospel. She made a profession of faith. Her husband is blind. He also made a profession of faith. He said, “I’m blind but my heart is no longer blind.”

Vince got to meet a Vietnamese pastor who pastors in Cambodia. Through connections of one of our local pastors. Tomorrow, we are going to the water village. It is made up of Vietnamese people who escaped during the war and had no place to go because Cambodia didn’t want them. I’m excited for the connections Vince & Michelle have made.

Some people came from three hours away on a flatbed truck to get baptized. I wish I could tell all of the stories. I will try to catch more stories from the FBC Allen team in the morning.

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Thursday, October 25:

Today we returned to pray for Eng for the fourth time. Eng is a girl we prayed for early in the week who was demon possessed. She was talking, making eye contact, and her face has changed. We had never seen her like that. Her family became believers this week. We pray she does, too. I know it encouraged them. We went to one school today. The teachers are Christians and very excited for us to come since they can’t share their beliefs with their students. We gave out 47 Bibles this week and expect 10 to be baptized. So far we have counted 394 new believers. Praise God for allowing us to be part of His work here in Cambodia. Continue to pray for us and for the people we encounter.

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Cambodia Report for Tuesday and Wednesday

Keep praying for the people of Cambodia. That their hearts will be open to the gospel and they will respond. Pray also for the team; that they will not grow weary and they will be met with openness.

Wednesday, October 24:

Today we went to two schools. All of the children accepted Christ (155 total). The schools have been great. We left Bibles back at the school. We split into two teams in the afternoon and made home visits. Some said they would think about it but most accepted Christ. We gave out a lot of bookmarks and testimonies to people on the street. Our team has worked well together. 173 decisions total today.

Tomorrow, Michelle’s team will be leaving at 5 am so they can go to a school with 1,200 students. Our total team raised $600 more than what her team needed for Bibles to give to the prison. We spent that on buying more Bibles for the local churches. Because of these big audiences in Asia our total team has given away almost 15,000 gospel bookmarks. Wow! Wade’s team got into the prison today. They weren’t able to talk to the prisoners but built a relationship with the warden. The warden will allow Wade’s team’s pastor to come back and share the Gospel. As soon as he gets permission from his supervisor. One other team went to a remote village today that had never heard of Jesus before. They were so excited to hear about Him. Another team had a woman waiting for them because she had a dream someone was coming to share a message with her. The openness to the Gospel is pretty incredible. Vince’s team commissioned a church leader a few days ago. That same man went into the community inviting people to the school to hear the Gospel while Vince’s team was sharing at the school. So the students and adults were hearing it. One woman from the community accepted Christ. Then took of her Buddhist necklace and allowed the Pastor to throw it in the river. One of my most precious visits was with a woman who had a stroke. Half of her body wouldn’t move. She had to look up from her bed to see the Gospel pictures. She said the sinner’s prayer even though every word was a struggle for her to get out.

I will continue sending stories. Friday, we will have 2 baptism locations. It will be a great time celebrating new believers and praising God for what He has done.

Tuesday, October 23:

Every day we start off praying and sing a few hymns. It is a really sweet time. Our first visit was at the army base. The soldiers were hesitant to accept Christ since their Captain didn’t. He did ask for a Bible. We felt like if he became a Christian, the others will follow. Our big visit was at the school. 89 (88 children and 1 teacher) accepted Christ. It was so much fun. We had 94 total decisions. We handed out several Bibles today as well. The principal at the school was a Christian.

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Updates from Team in Cambodia

Monday, October 22:

Yesterday, Michelle’s team visited a Cambodian prison. Over 200 gave their lives to Christ as Lord and Savior. Today, they returned to the prison and another 150 more accepted Christ. Our whole team collected money to put 100 Bibles in the prison. Vince lead a woman to the Lord yesterday. She was from Cambodia but lives in California. It was her first time back to Cambodia since moving to the US. Vince’s group went to her family’s house. She heard the Gospel then. She heard the Gospel at the local church in Khmer and English and was still reluctant. Vince spoke with her after the service. He said to her God is pursuing you. What is holding you back? Vince told her God brought you from California. He brought us from Texas & Georgia to meet you in Cambodia to tell you the Gospel.

Wade’s team had 88 decisions today but his favorite moment was when a new believer immediately discipled his sons. Wade’s team trained him, but he did it. Rapid obedience. Vince got to commission a church leader that was part of a house church. He also shared at the house church with 2 unbelievers about how our body is a temple. This resonated with them since Buddhists go to the temple. They have spirit houses outside of each Buddhist home. He talked about how the Holy Spirit can be in you. You don’t need a wooden box. You need Christ. My team split into 2 today and we had 57 accept Christ. One of my favorite moments was when a Buddhist grandmother cut off her Buddhist bracelet. This is a very big deal. She is saying visually I’m not a Buddhist anymore. I pray she will be a legacy to them. The grandchildren accepted Christ as well.

Sunday, October 21:

Yesterday, Vince V. preached at our opening rally. We have 11 teams, 55 churches, 25 national pastors, 30 local pastors, 27 Americans, 1 from Myanmar, 1 from Indonesia, & 1 from Malaysia. The opening rally is when we all gathered and found out our teams. Today, we made visits and also helped in church services. Vince and Wade both preached in the church services. I shared the Gospel pictures in both of my services. My team had 12 new believers today and 55 gospel shares. Wade had 80 new believers. I haven’t heard Vince’s or Michelle’s numbers yet. The Cambodian people are very kind and gracious. Most claim they are Buddhist but mix in ancestral worship and other Gods. They have been very receptive so far. Monday-Thursday we will do home visits and share the gospel. On Friday, we will do some visits, have a Baptism ceremony, & closing rally. God is at work and we get to see the Harvest. It’s an amazing thing. I will send reports as often as I can. Thank you for praying. We feel your prayers.


Vince preaching at opening rally.


Cambodia Teams

Church where I am helping this week  |  children performing at church



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Cambodia Mission

Group on bus

Friday, October 19:

Hi Prayer Partners,

Praise God, we made it to Cambodia. We will have orientation/training today. Then we will take a bus to Battambang in the morning. Our team has been great. We have people on our team from all over the country.

On the plane to Bangkok, my friend Janet & I shared the Evangecube with Ronneta. She is from Thailand and practices Buddhism & Catholicism. We prayed with her. I also got to share my testimony with her. She was open to what we were sharing. I’m praying God will stir her affections toward Him. That she will see He is all we need and He is the one way to heaven.

Thank you all for praying. I have sure felt your prayers.

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Hungary Mission Update

October 2:

Our pastor’s wife served breakfast made especially for us to make sure we are set for the day. This wonderful church we are serving with is filled with many servant’s hands.

One team went out to visit a secondary school where we shared about our state, church and our selves. We share our faith as much as is allowed. We then taught classes to children with special needs and they were very attentive. In the afternoon, some went to the home of a senior adult.

Another team went to pick up furniture and deliver it to those in need. One of the homes where we delivered some furniture had burned walls.

October 1:

One team taught English lessons in a high school today and shared the Gospel using the 3-circles method. The teachers really care for their students and want the best for them.

September 30:

After a good day in worship, the pastor and his family served an awesome lunch for us in their home. We are looking forward to serving along side them this week.


September 29:

The team arrived safely to Budapest. We are working with a great church and the people here are taking great care of us. We even ran into some old friends who are also serving here.

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From Marilyn D: This woman came in for an eye exam. She mentioned that she had attended a Bible study and that the Bible and the Koran were the same. The characters talked about were the same people, only their names were different in Arabic and English. We agreed on that and went on to discuss the important difference between teachings about heaven and how one gets there. She seemed quite open and hopefully will continue to explore the Bible and the path to salvation.


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