Volunteer Christian Builders Recap

Our task for this project consisted of rehab/remodel on one of three 12×48 mobile housing modules.

The camp had acquired three 12’x48′ mobile housing units from an oilfield equipment liquidation auction. All were built on steel sled-type frames for transport from location to location. Priority was placed on turning one of the units into living quarters for one of the camp’s staff intern couples.

Work began by removing all the metal outer covering, exposing a large quantity of decayed OSB wallboard and rotted framing. All the decaying materials were replaced and all interior paneling and ceiling materials were removed. All electrical wiring, switches, receptacles, breaker panels were removed, replatted and replaced by our crew. After relocating windows, doors, and air-conditioning unit openings, all exterior siding and trim were then replaced using some masonite panels and cedar ship-lap siding. New soffits and facia boards were also installed. A new 2’x6′ roof joist structure was installed, then decked, then roofed with new metal roofing panels. Another group will come in to finish interior work when plumbing is finished.

The FBC Allen crew wishes to thank you for your prayers and support. If you would like to join the Volunteer Christian Builders in future projects, please contact Ken Kemp.

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Volunteer Christian Builders

The team made it to Highland Lakes Camp in Spicewood, TX to assist in several projects. We will be here until Friday, September 22.

Please continue to pray for us as we work through the week.

Day 1:

Day 2:

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Finishing up Our Time in Zambia

These girls are already believers….. so we taught the young lady on the right (Patience) the 3-circles. On Sunday… she took us to the house of a friend (Joyce) where we shared using 3-circles. Joyce and her brother (Ivor) accepted Christ!

Friends in Zambia

Hello! Back from an extra long day. Our van left early because another one broke down so they were making 2 trips and then it was about an hour late picking us up. But I was dancing with the kids in the church.

We had some good, hard, long, confusing visits today. We stayed for about an hour with one family trying to get them to understand. After sharing the Gospel one said she accepted…I said tell me about that time…she said she went to church and accepted. Well after long conversation with the translator he tells me she says she has kept all 10 commandments all her life so she accepted. I said REALLY?! Wow!! So you have never lied? She said she had and I said well you have not kept all 10 because that is one of them do not lie. Then she started listening better to the translator and they later finally accepted.


So many automatically say they accept and it’s hard for most to understand the Truth. Anyway we had 14 Salvations today!!

Good Friday morning! Today we have our last time with our churches. This morning with them and then after lunch we will do a little shopping today. We are gearing up for the travel home beginning Saturday afternoon.

walking path.jpg

We are accomplishing much this week….. here’s a few pics from our journey today. Many in these pictures are from our host church. Continued prayers please for Mufulira Baptist Church and for us as we continue to work together to share the love of Jesus.


We have had an amazing week. This Mission Trip has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s starting to set in that I will soon be telling my new friends goodbye….. at least for now. I know I will see them again in heaven and I know they will continue to impact their community for Jesus.

Friday is over…I should be asleep but it was a full great day today! This morning started out the same going to our churches and sharing the Gospel. Today my team had the best responses…14 just this morning! Most of them were people we met on the streets or called us over to see what we were saying!!  Then we came back and spent the afternoon shopping in the market.

Heather and Rhonda received these dresses from our friends at the church we are helping. They fit perfectly with no measuring. We love them.

Rhonda and Heather dresses

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More from Zambia

Today a very broken woman moved from brokenness to Christ and five ninth grade girls said “yes” to Jesus…three circles at a time.

We are enjoying making new friends.

New friends in Zambia.jpg

Amazing talent (1)

Good Wednesday evening!!! Today was like yesterday more praying for needs BUT we had 5 salvations in my group! I was able to pray for one lady’s stomach after she had accepted Christ and she said that she felt something in her stomach and she was excited and going to the church service tonight!! Praise the Lord!!! I also was able to get back to the church before our van picked us up and spend time with children!


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Zambia Team in Action

The team finally made it to Africa. One more 1 hour flight and a 2 1/2 hour bus ride to go! Here we are on the bus:

bus ride.jpg

We finally made it to our destination!! The weather is nice – 63 degrees in the morning, and our accommodations are very pleasant. That white thing above my bed is the mosquito net I sleep under every night. The sides are rolled up and I have to roll them down each night before I go to sleep.

Sunday: Our day started with a typical African late start but once we got going we walked to the main church for the rally. If I’m not wrong we have 14 different Baptist churches we will be with this week. So someone from all 14 churches joined us at the rally. Their choir sang a few songs, Chad preached and we got paired up with our church people. After the visits we had lunch at the church and headed back to the hotel. As we returned (after a pit stop at the store) we walked up to a man saying the sinners prayer with a couple of our team members!!! Praise the Lord one Salvation already!!!

We are resting and then supper and meeting. Tomorrow we go to our different churches and some will be preaching and some teaching children. Pray for us all because after lunch we will be going to homes and all sharing the Gospel as well.

Today, I ended up by myself the whole day and at a totally different church than I thought I was going to, so I was very uneasy about the whole thing and of course my church was way out in the boonies. So I got to the church and they had already started Sunday School and while I was listening they announced I would be preaching! I’m thinking really quickly what I would say, then a few minutes later another preacher came and they said he would preach and I would share my testimony. Then I went to the pastors house for lunch.

After lunch, three of us went door to door. We talked to about 16 people and 4 accepted Christ! A couple in their 20s and 2 little girls 11 & 12. The others I also shared the Gospel but they all said they had already accepted Christ. So all in all a good day!

Good morning from Zambia! It’s Monday and we are getting ready to go out again. Today will be full of door to door evangelism. I think I am on my own again today but at least I know what to expect today.  We are praying for wisdom and energy!

Today was another good day! We had 10 salvations and tons of seeds planted! It’s a hard area because everyone thinks that because they may attend a church then they are a Christian so it’s hard for them to understand! I’m praying that the information we leave behind will help them understand later with the Lord continuing to work in their lives!

Thank you everyone for all the prayers!! We are overwhelmed and humbled by all of you! Love you all!!

Tuesday: Today was hard…we had hard visits today every house just about had terrible stories and needed major prayers. So much so that I learned that Satan had control of this community!

One asked that I would pray they could sleep at night because something was going on in the home and they were not able to sleep. Another told me her legs hurt but would not let me pray for her because she was a Jehovah Witness. (I walked away but I still prayed for her legs and that she would see God working through her legs!) Another said her husband was and alcoholic and not providing for their family. Another had just lost her husband not to long ago. Two different families were on their way to funerals. So majority of these we could not shared the Gospel but they would let us pray. So I was feeling defeated as we were walking back to the van to leave for the day. (We did have three Salvations which is wonderful) but I was telling God I was sorry for failing today and then my translator tells me he will be sad when I leave to go back to the states (today was the first day with him). He thanked me for risking my life to come and tell people about Jesus. He said he was so encouraged by me and fired up to share Christ with others and help others! He went on and on. I was trying not to tear up and let him see me tear up. I thanked him for sharing that with me.

The Lord is Amazing and I am so humbled that He encouraged me today as I was walking (in the translators words…) “in the slums of Mufulia”. God’s Word never returns void! I’m trusting in that this week!

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Poland – Texas Night at VBS

We had another great day in Poland. The day camp went really well as the kids loved getting to dance and sing on stage! They also learned more line dances. After lunch we had the youth camp again and we played many fun games including egg toss! I was able to share my life story with the youth and it went really well!

A group of us went over to a family’s home in Kartuzy to enjoy strawberry cake and coffee and they shared a gift with us. They are an incredibly sweet family and it has been great to catch up with them! The people of Kartuzy are so kind and generous. It has been a pleasure meeting so many of them.

To add to our great day, it was Nicola’s, one of our translators, birthdays! We got to celebrate with her today. Our team is very excited for tomorrow since we will be having our Texas night after the day camp!

Nicola -translator- birthday.jpg

We all enjoyed Texas night at VBS. The kids learned so much about Texas and enjoyed making their own “cowboy hats”.


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Poland Team Continues with VBS

VBS- DAY 3: Today was another great day at the kids day camp! We learned more fun songs and the kids enjoyed the dancing a lot! Some of the kids told me they remembered me from last year 🙂 They were all great at participating in each of the activities. After lunch we went to the youth camp and played some games including human knot, charades, and don’t-touch-the-chair. They all had a blast! One of our translators taught a lesson to the youth and one of our Poland team members shared his life story! Some of our team also went to English club and visited with about 6 Polish people. We answered questions with picture cards to get to know each other better and our thoughts on life. To end our evening our team split into groups and played games and ate hamburgers together. Overall it was a really productive day! We appreciate all of your prayers towards what is happening in Poland.

VBS – DAY 2: Today in Poland we had our second day of the day camp with the kids and the youth! It was a great day filled with crafts, music, rec, Bible stories, and English. The kids enjoyed the songs, making crafts and many other aspects of the day. We played some games with the youth and then Konrad shared a Bible story with them. They are all amazing youth and I even got to see some friends from last year! We then went to English club with some of the Poland team and we conversed with some Polish people in English. I got to visit with some friends that I met two years ago and we have kept in contact with each other! We both smiled and hugged at seeing each other again. After our meeting for the day, most of our team went and got dinner and visited with one another. It was a really great day here in Poland! You can see why the church we are in is called the Coffin Church!

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Zambia Team on Their Way

The team left out of DFW to Zambia Wednesday morning. They will have a long journey ahead of them. Please pray for the Zambia team as they rest in Dubai and prepare for the second part of their trip.

Because communication from Zambia is limited, updates from the team may be sporadic.

Pray that God will continually renew them as they begin His work.




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VBS – Polish Style – Day 1

Monday, July 10:

After a brief time of prep, we had 152 kids; 40 teens for Day Camp at the Kartuz Community Center today!

We also had good attendance at the moms group and English classes. Here’s the craft we did with the moms. “Paid in Full” in English and Polish…Jesus paid it all!

Known as the coffin church, this was built in the 1300’s. Looks like the original cobblestone road and buildings across the street. We had an English class with some locals in the basement. Just amazing!

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2017 Poland Mission Update

Sunday, July 9:

Sunday morning, we worshiped with First Baptist Church Gdansk. We had an early morning of walking to the train to ride all the way to Gdańsk for the service at FBC Gdańsk where Ken Brownd preached and we actually got to understand! It was wonderful to reunite with so many Poles from past years. We had a great stew for lunch at the church where we got to fellowship with the those from the church and each other of course. We got to visit Ken and Janet Brownd’s new apartment and eat strawberry shortcake while talking about plans for the whole week and getting to meet our translators and the group leaders of the Polish kids for our day camp this week. We all had pizza with either pineapples or onions on it, always very different. Then we walked back to our hotel and had our one night of rest that we’ll get for the week. We are all very excited and anxious to meet the kids for tomorrow and really get started for what God has planned here in Kartuzy! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue on!


Saturday, July 8:

We arrived in Warsaw, Poland somewhat sleep deprived, but still reasonably pleasant with one another.

We’re getting ready for a 5 to 6 hour bus trip to Kartusy. By the time we arrive it will be late and the hopes of a good night’s sleep will be on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately the prospect for blissful sleep will probably evade us since we have to be up early to catch a train to Gdansk.

It will be a full day on Sunday attending worship with the folks at First Baptist Gdansk in the morning and with the Ukrainian church in the afternoon. Then it’s back to Kartusy for orientation and final preparation for the start of VBS on Monday.

Everyone is well and ready to step out in service to our Lord!

More updates to follow.


Friday, July 7:

The team departed from Allen. We have a long journey ahead of us, but are all excited to begin and to see what God will do in Poland. Please pray for a safe and uneventful journey.

Poland Team 7-7-17

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